Ronda, two cities cut by a gorge


A few years ago he traveled to Malaga with some frequency, so that one must follow the designs of his heart. Friends and acquaintances advised me to come to know Ronda, but, for some things or others, I always ended up postponing the appointment, as if I were a lover who imposed me and for which I did not feel prepared, but with the certainty that one day he would end up falling under his spell.

Finally it happened.

As usually happens in these cases, Ronda's beauty seemed superior to what I imagined. Its two parts - separated by the gorge known as El Tajo - are totally differentiated architecturally, both being attractive in their uniqueness.

I spent a day walking alone in Ronda, at my own pace, without having a marked itinerary and letting me be guided by the impulses I felt.

I wanted to spend some more time in a city that, without a doubt, is one of those that They make you travel in time. Ideal for a romantic weekend if you travel as a couple.

How to get to Ronda

View of Ronda from the lower part of the throat

If you travel to Ronda by road, you will enjoy a beautiful winding road, offset by the views of the beautiful Andalusian countryside - much greener than people think - dotted with hills and small villages and hamlets of white facades.

The day dawned cloudy and the landscape was only in full splendor when the sun gave me some rays that I got to beg.

From Malaga, you have just over an hour and a quarter drive, leaving the highway to take the A-367. Once there, I was lucky to find a place to park in a free area about 5 minutes walk from downtown.

You can also travel to Ronda in bus from places like Seville, Torremolinos or Malaga.

He train connects directly with Algeciras, Antequera, Córdoba and even Madrid (although very rarely for the latter).

What to see in Ronda

The small size of Ronda makes it an idea city to meet on foot.

I left the car a few meters from the Bus Station and walked to the area of ​​the city that is north of the gorge. This area is known as El Mercadillo.

The flea market

Without even having a map of the place, I headed towards the downtown area of ​​Ronda.

The neighborhoods were beautiful, with somewhat wider streets than those I would find later and beautiful buildings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Bullring of Ronda

Ronda bullring statue

Looking for the Tourist Office - in which they would attend me very kindly and I would get the map that would guide my visit to Ronda - I came across a nice park first and then with the famous Plaza de Toros de Ronda.

Ronda is considered one of the cradles of bullfighting and its bullring - property of the Royal Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda (order founded in 1572 by Felipe II) - It is one of the oldest and most monumental in Spain.

It opened in 1785 and his ring, 66 meters in diameter, is considered as the largest in the world.

In their lines - more similar to a cloister when they were all covered - excited personalities as famous as Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway.

Alameda Park

Alameda Ronda Park