Visit Cardiff


Cardiff It is the capital of Wales and can be an ideal weekend getaway for those who live in London or want to know other places on the island when they travel to the country. That is what I did last week when visiting a good friend in the capital of the United Kingdom.

Anyway. We had already booked the hotel so we got on the coach and crossed England to enter Welsh.

Cardiff has a reputation as an industrial city, dirty and with one of the most influential and laborious ports in the country. Welsh during the last century supplied the country through its mines and Cardiff became the port par excellence for exporting coal and minerals. If you step on the center of Cardiff and its port you will be surprised to see a modern city, completely renovated and that nothing seems to have in relation to its mining and port past.

It is an ideal place for the British in summer time thanks to the good weather and the beaches that stretch around the Welsh coast.

The center of Cardiff is relatively small, it is concentrated south of the castle and is easy to visit on foot. However, the port is a bit far south of the city and although you can go from one side to the other in a walk of about 20 minutes you should also get on the bus that for a pound and a half will leave you on one side and the other from the city.

Cardiff Harbor

Undoubtedly, it is the area that has seen more renovation in the city in recent years. There is a nice walk that on Saturdays and Sundays is used by families to walk or bike. It stretches for a couple of kilometers along an extensive breakwater and during the walk you can enjoy the sea breeze, the views of the harbor and the vast sea. Along the way you will find a curious Norwegian church with its own flag whose origins date back to the abundant Norwegian community that worked in the port. Today it is a cafe and an art gallery.

There is a boat that makes the round trip from the end of the road to the port, so it is ideal to make the journey on foot and return by boat so that you do not have to do the same route again.

There are two different ships that make the journey. A little more luxurious with its interior and simple restaurant. The latter you will recognize by its yellow color and the journey is 1.5 pounds.

In the same port you will see squares and a good multitude of restaurants and terraces that are crowded along the coast of the port. This area is full of life especially on sunny days and will be one of the best solutions to find a good restaurant to eat. We went to the Italian Strada and ate great for about £ 20 per head with wine included - after all, the most expensive when you eat in a British restaurant.

The castle

Without a doubt, the pearl of your visit to Cardiff. It is a large castle whose base rests on the foundations of a Roman fort. Later the Normans ended up raising the beautiful castle that can be visited today. In the green interior of the place there is also a palace house whose rooms you can visit and are beautifully decorated. There is a third building that is located just across the castle door where they house a small souvenir shop and at the top they will show you a video that tells the story of the castle and its inevitable link with the future of the city.

The entrance does not come cheap. An adult enters for 10.50 pounds while children do it for 7.95 and students or adults for 9 pounds. Anyway, it is the main attraction of Cardiff so your visit is almost a must.

The Millenium Stadium

This is the brand-new Cardiff stadium that opened its doors in 1,999 to celebrate the end of the Rugby world. It has a capacity for more than 74,000 spectators and from the castle offers a photogenic image with the contrast of the old castle and its modern structure.


In the center you will see a few shopping streets with many shops and new buildings. A few meters away is the bus and train station. So from your arrival you will be in the center in just a few steps. You will also find the cathedral of Saint David - for my taste too renovated - and several notable buildings along the High Street and St. Mary Street.

It is also advisable to take a look at the market in full swing. You will see a lot of people selling fish, vegetables and meat in a good popular environment. Most Welsh people come here either to do their shopping or to go out at night that we will talk about in another article.

For the curious and frickies, you can go to see the exhibition of Doctor Who. This is the museum of the famous series where the main places where the series was recorded in Cardiff and Wales are shown.